Sunday, 7 October 2012

Konami pes 2013 online iisue

A quick solution for the most common online issues.
Our Customer Support team have been receiving a lot of queries regarding online issues with PES 2013. In order to help you all get in the game as soon as possible, here are the most common issues and the easiest way to solve them in a handy F.A.Q. Please feel free to contact out Customer Support team if you are still having issues accessing the online content of PES 2013 by clicking here.

Return to Main Menu and connection issues.
We are now aware of an issue involving Avatar registration failure as users try to log in to the online mode of PES 2013. This failure is caused by data loss while information travels from your platform to the Konami servers and it can often be solved by repeated log in attempts and trying to log in at different times of the day. We are working very hard to fix this issue on our end and we hope to have a solution soon.
In the mean time, please go through the following steps to make sure that you have everything set up to ensure that PES 2013 has the best connection to the Internet that it can.
Step 1. If you are playing on an Xbox 360 or PS3, make sure that your firmware is up to date.
Step 2. Make sure that there is nothing that could be interfering with your network. For example; P2P networks, streaming TV, Mobile Devices and Virus Protection/Firewall software. We cannot recommend the usage of W-Lan or USB wireless adaptors. If you use one of the mentioned devices in order to connect to the Internet, please switch to a wired broadband connection in order to improve the connection stability and speed.
Step 3. Check your router setup. PES 2013 needs certain ports open so that it can communicate with the Internet properly. We recommend that you change Port Settings in the PES 2013 menu to 'Automatic'.
Step 4. If the above doesn't work, you may need to open specific ports manually by configuring your router. The ports that need to be opened in order to properly connect PES 2013 to the Internet are -
TCP: 80, 44, 4000-4200
UDP: Auto mode: 3658, 5730-5739
TCP: 80, 443, 5000-5200
UDP: Auto mode: 3658, 5730-5739 *default is 3658
TCP: 53, 80, 3074
UDP: 53, 88, 3074
As we cannot support all specific router makes and models, we recommend that you where you will be able to find setup advise for the router that you have. For further information concerning how to set up your router connections, please refer to the manual or contact the customer support of your network provider.
If you are playing on PC or PS3, as a confirmation of your actions, you can visit the following link and run the ports test to check all your ports can now be validated. Go on the following website
Select your current country and platform you use to play (not available for Xbox, sorry) from the PES 2013 listing, then click on SUBMIT. In the new page, click on CONNECTION CHECKER in the left side box of options. Scroll to the bottom of the page and AGREE with the T&C. A window will pop-up, please, press OK. Double click on the folder appearing, then double click on PortChkPES. Select EXTRACT ALL, then select a preferred or default folder, and click on EXTRACT. Now, open the new PortChkPES folder with a double click, then double click on PortChkPES with a ball icon and select RUN CHECK.
If the problem persists please try resetting your router before trying to run the test again.
- Unplug the router
- Disconnect your device
- Wait 15 seconds
- Plug your router back in
- When the router is up and running, reconnect your device.
We are working very hard to fix this issue on our end and we hope to have a solution soon.

Xbox360: Online Pass has already been used:
This issue is caused because you have already entered your Online Pass (Xbox360 users only), yet PES 2013 is having issues finding the Online Pass verification file on your Xbox360.
You can easily re-download the file by following these steps:
1) Hit the "guide button" on your Xbox360 controller
2) Move to the "Settings" tab
3) Select "Account Settings"
4) Select "Download History"
5) Look for your Online Pass in the list of previously downloaded files and select it to re-download it.
You should now be able to access the online content without further issues.

PC Konami ID issues:
Most of these issues can be solved by making sure the correct data has been entered. Here are a few quick steps to ensure that the data required is entered correctly:
1) Please make sure all fields are clear and the "Auto Login" option is not active.
2) Make sure your Caps Lock and Num Lock keys are not active on your keyboard when entering your password, and double check that all other information is entered correctly.
3) Make sure that you are entering your registration code in uppercase and without hyphens (-). If you have auto-complete on, please delete the registration code and type it again manually, just to be sure.
4) If you continue to see an error message, please reset your Konami ID password at
These steps have proven helpful to many of our users, but please feel free to contact us if the problems persist.


  1. Notice on Competitions being temporarily unavailable

    We have been aware of the matching problems which result to "no contest" in the tournament phase of online competitions. We are currently investigating the cause for this matter. Therefore online competitions will be unavailable until we fix the issue. We will inform you here on this website when online competitions are available again.

    We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  2. This is certainly not KONAMI issue. Lots of video game need certain port to be opened or triggered. If you still can't access, most likely you not doing it right.

    This can be tricky depend on you Router and networking hardware model.

    You have to set a static IP address first:

    After that, access your router. It's usually, but it depend on your router. To find your router IP address, read this guide:

    From these long list:
    Click on your router brand, and it's model number. For example, my router is TP-Link W8960N. So i click TP-Link first (brand), then W8960N (model).

    As for now, there's no Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 port forwarding guide yet, so you only have the "PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2012" and "Pro Evolution Soccer 2011" on that game list. Click either one of these, doesn't matter because what's important you want to use these as a template and guide.

    You're on PC, so this is the values that you need to enter in the blank box:

    PC ports that need to be open:

    TCP: 44, 4000-4200
    UDP: 3658, 5730-5739

    You're not done yet, another thing you must not forget is allow your firewall to access Incoming and Outgoing of these Ports. It depend on your firewall program, Internet Security suite, or Anti-Virus. The easiest way but slightly nuisance is by disabling your firewall each time you want to play PES 2013. But i do not recommend you to disable it for all the time, because your PC might be in risk when you're browsing online.

    You can check whether you've done thing correctly or not by downloading this tool:

  3. Hello .
    I have Xbox and my friend had ps3 , can we play pes2013 online togather

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  5. the pc passowrd is not woking do you have another one